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We help surviving family members healthily cope with grief.

Grief is a normal, natural response to the loss of someone or something important. Grief is unique to the person experiencing it and is as personal as the relationship that brought it about. There is no set timetable for how a person goes through the process or how long it takes.

Types of Grief

Grief comes at different points along the journey of loss, but the primary points are the period that begins at diagnosis and the one that begins at the death of a loved one. From the point of diagnosis to death, there are two types of grief: Preparatory and Anticipatory.

Preparatory grief is the cognitive, emotional, and spiritual responses to the understanding that one has a life-limiting disease. It is experienced by the person who is ill as they grieve the loss of their health, independence, and the shortened time they will have with others. The degree of preparatory grief that someone will experience partially depends on factors such as age, experience with loss, their diagnosis and treatment plan, and their religious and cultural beliefs.

Anticipatory grief is common among people who are facing the eventual death of a loved one. This grief includes many losses such as the loss of a companion, changing roles in the family, fear of financial changes, and the loss of what could be. Family members and friends may experience this grief as they struggle with thoughts and feelings surrounding the impending loss of their loved one.

In hospice and palliative care settings, these losses are typically processed with social workers and/or chaplains who are specifically trained to deal with these experiences. It is our goal to provide grief care services that address individual needs and situations because everyone experiences grief differently.

How We Help

  • Support groups
  • Education on grief and how to cope
  • Counseling

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